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Since she was 16, Liza, a Russian-born actress, has never stopped working on stage and in front of the camera. It all started in Moscow at the MOST theatre school with the Stanislavski and Mikhail Chekhov methods. She then joined the MOST theatre troupe where she played a number of leading roles, such as Roxane in "Cyrano", Lisa in "Happy Underdog" and others, and participated in more than 15 shows: dramas, tragicomedies, musicals, cabarets.

With her theatrical group she took part in a dozen of international festivals which, in addition to the company awards, have earned her several nominations and prizes for the best actress.

Upon her arrival to France, Liza directly joined the 2nd year of a cinema programme of Acting International. This unique experience helped her improve her acting skills and achieve perfect fluency in French. She worked a lot on her accent while keeping the charm of her origin.

Liza always tries to improve her techniques through trainings, courses and acting, musical, singing and dancing master classes. She also works as an actor coach and theatre teacher to communicate her passion and knowledge to students interested in the Stanislavski method.

Since she moved to France, Liza has been shooting for already more than 20 short and feature films as well as for advertising. She is always open to new interesting projects.
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